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A Galaxy far far away
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In general I'm a person who likes doing so many things that she always forgets something important. But I'll try.
I'm currently living in Vienna, Austria, working as a choral conductor and a music teacher. I have studied partly Instrumental- and Gesangspädagogik and Elementary Music Education at the University for Music and performing arts in Vienna. I have finished my diploma in "Digital Film Making and Animation" at the SAE institute and in 2013 I also managed to get my Magister degree in musicology at the University of Vienna. For now I'm done with studying.
My dream job would be to become a film composer. I also like to work in sound design and movie editing --- basically everything that's post production.
My interests - whoa, far too many, I guess. I like what I do - which means I love music and film and consider them to be a "hobby" as well. I'm very interested in astronomy, we (or to be more specific: my father) own(s) an observatory in Lower Austria. At some point of my life I had to grow out of the desire to become either an astronaut or an astronomer, but it's still my greatest desire to watch the stars and yes, I'd be crazy enough that - if I had the money - I would buy myself a trip into space.
I love good science fiction, the best for me is definitely Star Trek, even though I also really like Stargate.
I do like it a lot when there is a tiny bit of science left it Science Fiction, which is probably why the two shows appeal to me the most. (I love how they always try to put quantum physics / astrophysics into Stargate... especially 'cause I'm reading a lot of books about string theory right now...)
Other shows I really like: "The 4400", "Babylon 5", "The Outer Limits", "Doctor Who", "Afterlife"... yeah I should probably mention that I love British TV shows.
I like to read, play computer games and board games, RPGs (online and pen and paper), watching DVDs... nah, this could go on for hours. Just check out my LJ and you'll see what I'm up to next...

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